Welcome to the Goodscenes!

Welcome to the Goodscenes! (Redux, redux...)

Brought back from the land of the dead, this is the third coming of the legendary Goodscenes website, an archive to celebrate the fine art of drunk women in art, movies and television.

For indeed, ever since the bacchantes of early Antiquity (pictured, left, in all her tipsy glory by 19th-century artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau) walked upon our mountains green, the drunk woman has been a mysterious object of attraction and fascination. They held Girls Gone Wild parties in ancient Egypt. They delved into the mysteries of drunken sex in ancient India. They performed Bacchic rituals in ancient Greece. And today... we collect sightings of drunk women on TV and in movies.
Profound, aren't we?
Enjoy your stay, and remember -- comments and contributions are always welcome!

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT (11/04/2011): After all the confusion, the GGW sites have been rebuilt and everything is back to normal! The GGW blog is back at its usual address, as well as a backup blog on Wordpress, just in case. I have also added a new blog, Drunk Duck, created by Intox to allow the community to regroup during those crucial days. The GGW Forums are back as well, they just aren't embedded into Blogger anymore.

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